Digitally Transformative Investing & Advisory

Transforming the way businesses are run with machine intelligence.

What we do

We are a hybrid private-market investment & technology development firm. We identify opportunities to work with small and medium-sized businesses to leverage our capital and cutting-edge technologies to generate outsized returns on investment. Unlike other software & machine learning firms, we take a disciplined and ROI-focused approach to deploying technologies. Unlike other investment firms that rely on financial engineering, we are hands-on and add value through novel operational value creation strategies.


We acquire digitally-native businesses (SaaS, tech-enabled services, business process automation firms) and businesses in traditionally non-digital industries where transformational technologies can be leveraged.


Tech-enablement and digital transformation strategic advisory. We help identify operational expenses and revenue generating opportunities to unlock significant value creation and growth acceleration.


Specialized technology consulting services including: business process automation, advanced analytics for M&A and due diligence, quantitative investment research & risk management, and applied machine learning.

Who we are

Our experience spans a decade across industries as diverse as quantitative finance (systematic hedge fund/high-frequency trading), coastal property insurance (InsurTech), and waste & recycling management (WasteTech). We’re able to leverage our cross-industry technical and operational expertise as well as our track record of deploying automation technologies that have produced exceptional returns and continue to compound in value.