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Helping firms create new revenue opportunities and solve complex operational challenges with proven data-driven strategies

About us

Autokatalyst helps small and midsize B2B firms grow their business by uncovering hidden insights of their data and removing operational constraints with automation and machine learning.

With over 15 years of experience adding value across multiple industries, we've developed an effective methodology that uniquely combines business strategy with cutting-edge technology to make firms more data-driven.

What we do

Unleash the Intelligence of Your Data

We work with small and midsize B2B firms to build strategic value with Automation and Machine Learning. We help organizations identify and unlock untapped revenue streams and remove operational bottlenecks - making them more scalable and data-driven in the process.

Clients work with us to:

  • Transform their vast data into actionable insights, streamlining decision-making processes with precision.

  • Enhance their operational workflows by minimizing manual tasks, dramatically reducing costs, and elevating accuracy.

  • Optimize their resource deployment, ensuring every asset, from manpower to capital, is utilized to its fullest potential.

  • Stay ahead of market shifts with agility, ensuring their business remains a competitive frontrunner.
Our ethos is simple: Partner with forward-thinking firms, architect bespoke data-driven solutions, and unlock unparalleled operational excellence and revenue growth. Redefine your trajectory with our expertise.

Our Services


Digital & AI Strategy

We empower executive teams by identifying, validating, and prioritizing initiatives with the highest impact on their strategic roadmap.


Pricing Optimization & Revenue Mangement

Maximize revenues with proven data-driven techniques.


Operational Forecasting

Develop insights & real-time decision making capabilities for managing supply chains, inventory, demand, staffing, and costs.


Business Process Automation (BPA/RPA)

Eliminate repetitive non-cognitive workflows. Elevate your employees' impact.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

Are your performance indicators leading or lagging? Ensure the right metrics are front-and-center while leveraging strategic insights from internal data.


Data Analytic Productization & Monetization

Data-driven firms sit on vast data and analytic assets. We help commercialize these in the form of additional product and service revenue streams.


Marketing & Customer Analytics

We apply our analytical lens on Customer Segmentation, Cross-Selling/Upselling, Offer Bundling, Churn, Loyalty Programs, and more.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We're first-principles thinkers and builders foremost. In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, we partner with visionary firms to build breakthrough capabilities.


Case Studies

Private Equity

Data-driven sourcing and lead generation for a real estate consolidation strategy

Waste Management

Dynamic Pricing Engine for the commercial waste & recycling industry

Industrial Maintenance

Machine Learning-based system to predict equipment servicing schedules with IOT sensors.

Real Estate Marketing

Fully automated online marketing workflow using real-time apartment unit availability data across a large multi-family residential portfolio.

Peak Into Our Process

Learn how we work with clients and apply our unique methodology for identifying and validating high ROI data-driven initiatives. Use these frameworks to uncover similar opportunities within your own organization today.


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